Event- Alice Hom

The Q Center and its affiliates proudly present:

Tuesday Oct. 24th, 6pm
University of Washington campus, Johnson Hall, room 102

ALICE Y. HOM, History, Claremont Graduate University
Asian-American Queer Community Organizer and Scholar

on the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality.

Alice Hom founded the Intercultural Community Center at Occidental College and sits on the boards of Aisual Communications, an Asian American media arts organization, and Astreara Lesbian Foundation for Justice. Alice has published in Amerasia Journal, the Journal of Asian American Studies, and co-edited an award-winning anthology entitled "Q&A: Queer in Asian America."

For more information contact:
The Q Center

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Censor This! (The Young people's page in Seattle Gay News) is looking for new writers!

If you are:
*under 23
*a writer
*an activist
*a queer ally
*or you just want to get involved. ..
($25 per printed article)

Email: Marisa at

Alix Olson/ Take Back the Night

UW's annual Take Back the Night Rally,
as part of Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Awareness Week
will be on Tues, April 5th at 6pm in the HUB Auditorium
This year's rally will feature a performance by spoken word artist Alix Olson
as well as speakers
Kari Tupper (Women studies and CHID) and
Max Walsh (from Northwest Network of Bi, Trans, Lesbian & Gay survivors of abuse)
Admission to the rally is FREE.

Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Awareness week will be from April 4-8 and will also include "Rebecca's Story" in the HUB Art Gallery along with The Silent Witness Project (on the HUB lawn), The "if not for yourself" project (sandwich boards around campus), The Clothesline Project (Odegaard Library and Terry Hall) and The Healthy Partner Project (the first floor of the HUB). Committee Organizing Rape Education will be on the HUB lawn all week. for more information please email
Robot Love

Sex in the City commercial

So I saw a Sex in the City commercial on TBS last night.

It was Carrie saying, "I don't think bisexuality really exists. I think it's just a layover on the way to gaytown." And then it was like "TBS. Really Funny." or something like that.

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So, what exactly goes down at these QWIIG meetings? Are they going to be on Tuesdays at 6 this quarter? I feel like I should come hang out with ya'll, because it seems like it would be fun. Am I wrong!?

Let me know.

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Hey, Meeting at 4pm on Monday- topic?? facillitator??

Meeting on Tuesday (at 6pm), shall we go to the ave for coffee (or some sort of non caffeinated beverage)?

what does everyone think?
Robot Love

Discussion topics?

Here are some general ideas for QWIIG discuussion topics... pleas elaborate and throw in your own ideas!

--Bush won...what now?
--Marriage equality

--are we reprsented in the media?
--how should we react to anti-queer articles (e.g. articles by Erika Monges in The Daily)?


--sexual health
--improving inequalities in queer women's health care
--mental health

--setting boundaries

--assumed heterosexuality
--polyamory v. monogomy
--sharing experiences

Queer community
--the "smallness" of the queer community
--Queer women and queer men-same situation?
--the queer community and other minority groups

Campus topics
--What if a teacher/TA is making homophobic comments?
--programming for queer women-What do we want?
--Do we feel safe on campus?
Robot Love

Meeting topics?

Hey QWIIGies!

The QWIIG facilitators are gonna try to make meeting a bit more organized and fun. (Yeehaw!)

Any suggestions of meeting topics or how you'd like meetings to go?